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6/4/2018: CC Sonic statement regarding UCW: Unfinished Business in Uniontown on June 1

Today, CC delivered this statement: "Friday night, Exodus and I were cheated out of a victory over Happy Hour on June 1 at Undisputed Championship Wrestling's UNFINISHED BUSINESS in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. I am pursuing justice legally, but if the system fails me, I will settle for simple revenge. Everyone involved in the conspiracy against us, and everyone who fails to speak out against it, will pay dearly."

5/25/2018: CC Sonic confirms that he will manage an undisclosed protege to take on Happy Hour at UCW: Unfinished Business

Today, CC delivered this statement: "Happy Hour is a drunken, broken-down has-been who doesn't realize it's time for him to quit. I have found a talented up-and-coming wrestler who will show Happy Hour that time is up. Today, I can officially announce that I will manage this gentleman to victory over Happy Hour on June 1 at Undisputed Championship Wrestling's UNFINISHED BUSINESS in Uniontown, Pennsylvania."

4/20/2018: CC's first video game released for Windows 10 PC

Today, CC delivered this statement: "Becoming a pro wrestler was a dream come true for me back then, but another dream of mine was always to create video games. It took a little longer to learn all I needed to make that happen, but I am happy to announce that my first video game for Windows 10 PC is now available on the Microsoft Store. It will be marketed through the website and through the CC Sonic social media assets I recovered from those meddling hackers. In that capacity, I will be available to current and potential users of the game and I look forward to updating everyone on the progress of releasing the game on other platforms, as well as the status of other games in development. I'd like to thank everyone who made this possible."

6/12/2017: Sonic recovers online assets from hackers

Today, CC delivered this statement: "My online persona has been targeted by hackers. I suspect they are working out of Russia or perhaps Macedonia. Over the past few months, they have literally filled the internet with hateful, hurtful words and images and attached my name to them. Further, they have attempted to deceive the public into believing that I was attempting some sort of 'comeback' into pro wrestling. I want to personally apologize to anyone who was harmed by the faked images, videos, or messages that were attributed to me. I do intend to seek whatever remedy I can against these people, but my main focus right now is to restore my online image. To that end, I have gained control of almost all the online assets under my name, and will immediately begin cleaning them up. I further apologize to any wrestling fans who were deceived into thinking CC Sonic might be wrestling again. You must know that I stopped being an active participant in pro wrestling in 1997, and I've really never looked back. Anyone claiming to be me talking about wrestling again is an imposter. For my fans, you will be happy to know that now that I have gained control of this site, I will begin adding more historical content to it. By the time that is finished, you should be able to see the pro wrestling experience from my perspective from training in 1995 to my last match in 1997. Again, I apologize to anyone offended or deceived by the hackers, and I thank you for your patience and support as I clean up the mess."