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The Story of Sonic Fury

Christopher Clay was born and raised in Hatfield and McCoy country, near the area of Williamson, West Virginia.

While the area was mostly known for the legendary feud between two iconic families, Chris had designs on starting some feuds of his own.

After graduating college in Pikeville, Kentucky, Chris scraped together every penny he had and headed to Lima, Ohio, to learn the ropes--literally--at Al Snow's Bodyslammers Pro Wrestling Gym.

Though speed is generally an asset for athletes, Chris brought too much of it to the ring and had to slow down in order to master the nuances of pro wrestling. One day during a training session, D-Lo Brown and Al Snow discussed which animals were most resembled by Chris' high-speed internal motor. Al said Chris reminded him of "Sonic the Hedgehog." On that day, CC Sonic was born.

Later that year, CC Sonic made his official pro wrestling debut in Varney, Kentucky, pinning local star Koko Warrior with a bridging maneuver called the Sonic Barrier.

From there, Sonic became a mainstay of World Professional Wrestling (WPW) in Logan, West Virginia. He also made visits back to Lima to compete in the Global Wrestling Alliance (GWA). CC made more random appearances at a variety of other promotions in West Virginia and Ohio as well.

As CC Sonic gained experience and confidence, he began to favor a sleeper called the Sonic Reducer as his go-to finishing hold.

Over a span of several years in the mid-90's, Sonic was a part of matches that featured some of the greatest up-and-comers of the era. Some of those matches included Terry "Rhino" Richards and "Wild Thing" Jamie Howard. Both of those men later became WWE Superstars...Richards as Rhyno, and Howard as Jamie Noble. The WPW feud between CC and Jamie was so intense that it even watered seeds of the coming generation, being observed by the young man who would eventually become Chance Prophet.

Although he experienced some legendary moments, Sonic's career path was derailed early and often. CC had depended on working in Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) to get to the World Wrestling Federation...hoping to follow Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, Glen Jacobs, Chris Candido, and others who had gone that route. When SMW closed immediately after he began wrestling in 1995, the best path available to the WWF had closed for CC Sonic.

In the following years, CC looked for his big break while simultaneously struggling to survive. Eventually, WPW was fractured by an internal rift. Sonic had two choices...stay with WPW or go with some guys talking about doing something "new and different" that might yield more frequent work. CC was faced with a crossroads...and made the wrong choice. CC Sonic was left without a wrestling home for the first time since October 1995.

Sonic was impeded by another weakness...Chris Clay's creative obsessions. One of those was a comic book he had developed in college but never had a chance to publish. In 1997, Clay took the comic book content from his Geocities page and put it on its own website and tried to monetize it. When that failed, Clay found a new career--teaching business and computer classes. CC Sonic soon faded from the limelight.

By 1999, Clay had moved to North Central West Virginia and taught classes for a living there, starting a family. Eventually, he launched new web programming and database courses there. When the school closed in 2005, Chris pursued a new career in programming. That ultimately led him to settle with his family in the Pittsburgh Airport Area. Clay works as a full-time Programmer Analyst in the city of Pittsburgh to this day.

In April 2018, Clay released his first video game, TWISTER: EYE LEVEL on the Microsoft Store and officially launched the website after five months of development using the Unity game engine, the C# programming language, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

In May 2018, CC Sonic stepped out of the shadows and crossed paths with a wrestler named "Happy Hour." After learning the identity of Happy Hour's opponent, CC reached out to him and agreed to manage him to victory over Happy Hour on June 1.